Pre-existing injuries And The affect After An accident

If you have ever been a victim of a medical condition and was denied a claim of using the excuse of pre-existing conditions, or at least known someone who has suffered from this inhumane mistreatment, then you are not alone in today's America. Mary Jo was such a person. She became the victim of a car crash, then learned that the at-fault driver's insurance company would only cover not even half of... Read More

Attorney Kevin T. Ellmann’s Opinion On Use Of UBER Service Leading To Decrease In DUI Deaths In Colorado

Attorney Kevin T. Ellmann comments on an article in about a research claiming the UBER services lead to decrease in DUI deaths. If even one life is saved due to someone taking a taxi or a service like Uber, it is a great night.  The kiosk mentioned in the article with a breathalyzer should not just be a gimmick, it should be something that all bars contribute funds to in... Read More

Divorce in the Spotlight – Belittling Average Couples’ Pain?

“Divorce is the death of a dream for any couple, but when you're in the public spotlight, the pain is magnified,” says a recent article in the Denver Post. Many people, including some Colorado divorce attorneys, would scoff at such a notion. Making a statement like this seems on some level to devalue the pain and hardship that comes with every divorce. We live in a celebrity-obsessed cultur... Read More

Prepared For An Accident

This article shares some great advice from Phoenix car accident attorney, Aaron Crane from Cantor Crane regarding being prepared in the event you are involved in an accident. Every day, thousands get into car accidents across the United States. Whether it is a minor or severe occurrence, car accidents are overwhelming for everyone involved. In fact, it can even change the way you remember certain ... Read More

Something to Think About the Next Time You Write a Bad Check in Colorado

Writing a rubber check in any state can cost you more than bank fees; you could end up paying out more in fines--or you could end up in jail. Most times a bad check is the result of an accounting error on your part, such as miscalculating how much funds you need to deposit in the bank to cover all of your outstanding checks. In some instances, writing a bad check is desperate move to buy more time... Read More

Domestic Violence Against Men Under-reported in Castle Rock Divorce Cases

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. While our Castle Rock divorce attorneys understand that while women account for the vast majority of all reported domestic violence cases, men are actually victims about 40 percent of the time. Unfortunately, they are loathe to the judge - or anyone else - despite the fact that it could help their divorce case, particularly with r... Read More

Boulder Prosecutors Face Challenge in Cold Case Trial

Boulder prosecutors are preparing to try a man for a homicide that happened more than 18 years ago. A man who stole checks from the victim is accused of committing murder after the theft was reported. The suspect had hoped to get into the U.S. Marines and, according to prosecutors, feared a felony theft charge would hurt his chances. Castle Rock criminal defense attorneys understand that t... Read More

Castle Rock Child Custody Disputes Can Be Contentious

There is no doubt that child custody cases can be emotionally wrenching and, at times, extremely frustrating. But it's always better to choose an experienced Castle Rock family law attorney, and then let him or her be your intermediary and advocate. Otherwise, you risk potentially damaging your case or worse, like one Colorado man, landing in jail. According to Fox21 News, an El Paso Count... Read More

Colorado Doctors Back Marijuana Legalization

Colorado voters will decide next month whether to approve a measure that would legalize marijuana for recreational use, and regulate it under state law, similar to the way we regulate alcohol. Castle Rock marijuana attorneys understand that Amendment 64 has just received an important endorsement that could lend the effort some much-needed credibility: doctors. A press conference held by the ... Read More

Castle Rock Divorce After Long-Term Marriage Complex

Hollywood couple Danny DeVito and Rhea Pearlman have announced that they will be divorcing after 30 years of marriage. Castle Rock divorce attorneys understand that divorces after longer-term marriages tend to be far more complex than shorter unions, and require a superior level of legal skill and experience in order to effectively sort through the multitude of issues that may arise. Pearlma... Read More

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