Sex Assault Case Against Mentally Disabled Man Finally Dropped

Three years after a mentally disabled youth was arrested, requiring Castle Rock sexual assault defense, he has been cleared. Our Castle Rock sexual assault defense attorneys believe this is an example of how law enforcement and prosecutors routinely jump to conclusions, particularly when the allegations are serious and they feel obligated to quickly make an arrest. This young man and his fam... Read More

Denver Perjury Charges for Jury-Dodger

Here's a tip: If you commit a Castle Rock perjury crime, don't go on the radio and brag about it. As our Castle Rock criminal defense attorneys understand it, that's exactly what one Denver woman did after finagling her way out of jury duty. In fact, she is facing felony perjury charges related to her alleged actions. While we often think of perjury charges as pertaining to a witness up on... Read More

Denver DUI Charges Dropped, Sanctions Reduced, Against Officer

Things are looking up for a police officer who was suspected of a Denver DUI in February. Our Denver DUI defense attorneys know that anytime someone is convicted of such an offense, they're facing penalties that can range from probation two years in jail, not to mention costly fines. However, for a law enforcement officer or someone in a position of public trust, the consequences are often mo... Read More

Denver Careless Driving Charge Could Lead to 1 Year in Jail

An individual who reportedly killed two pedestrians is facing charges of careless driving resulting in death in Thornton, just outside of Denver. Our Denver traffic defense attorneys understand that in this situation, as in so many, the individual behind the wheel had no ill intent. According to authorities, there is no evidence alcohol or drugs were even involved. The Denver Post reports ... Read More

Drug Crimes Net Harsh Sentences

A former Colorado sheriff has pleaded guilty to allegations that he traded drugs for sex. Our Castle Rock defense attorneys know that no one is immune to the ravages of addiction, regardless of socio-economic status, education or career. Those addictions are often at the root of many crimes. Rather than stiff jail sentences, often what our clients need is help to overcome their substance abuse ... Read More

Supreme Court Debates Penalty Limits for Juvenile Offenders in Castle Rock, Elsewhere

The U.S. Supreme Court is debating whether juvenile offenders in Castle Rock and across the country should be spared the possibility of being locked up for life. Our Castle Rock juvenile defense attorneys understand the debate stems from two cases - Miller v. Alabama and Jackson v. Hobbs. The question is whether it is cruel and unusual punishment for a juvenile, given his or her youth, to fac... Read More

Validity of Castle Rock Marijuana DUI Debated

The issue of marijuana DUI in Castle Rock has been raising a number of questions among those in the legal community, here and across the country. Our Castle Rock marijuana DUI attorneys know that while it is illegal to drive while intoxicated on any substance, the issue of how that is measured has created a very gray area in terms of the law. This is illustrated in one case that was highli... Read More

Murder Accessory Suspects Get Probation

Two women, both accused of two charges each of accessory to murder in Castle Rock, have been sentenced to probation. Our Castle Rock criminal defense attorneys know that generally, accessory to murder under Colorado Statute 18-8-105 is a Class 5 felony, punishable by 1 to 3 years in prison. In order for a person to be charged as an accessory to a crime in Colorado, they have to be found re... Read More

Felony Charges in Castle Rock Result in 111-Year Prison Term

A man who reportedly shot a police officer was convicted on several Castle Rock felony charges, and ultimately sentenced to 111 years in prison. Our Castle Rock criminal defense attorneys recognize that attempted murder and aggravated assault charges can net serious penalties. Having an experienced attorney at your side when you're facing these type of allegations can make all the difference ... Read More

Doll used in Denver Domestic Violence

Dolls are not usually a weapon of choice noted in many Denver domestic violence cases. However, our Denver domestic violence defense attorneys understand that a police officer, accused of beating his girlfriend, alleges she actually attacked him. That in and of itself wouldn't be noteworthy, except that the weapon she reportedly used to carry out the attack was a Justin Bieber pop star doll. ... Read More

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