Attorney John Newman

John Newman has been licensed as an attorney in Colorado since 2012. Prior to working at Ellmann & Ellmann, John served for five years in the US Army as a Human Intelligence Collector and Operator with 1st Special Forces Group and as part of a Special Operations Task Force. During that period, John maintained his attorney’s license and offered legal advice and consultation to his fellow Soldiers in areas of the law where the Judge Advocate General’s Corps does not offer representation. This led to a heightened interest in family and property law, especially divorces and custody matters. John has prior experience as a victim advocate and is certified as a mediator. As an attorney and law clerk, John has previously worked in water law, immigration law, and alternative dispute resolution. John is dedicated to providing personal, compassionate service with sincerity and integrity. He works to cultivate a reputation of being considerate of his clients unique circumstances and situations, their values and ideals, and short and long term goals and interests.

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