Diana Cory – Paralegal

Diana began her career as a paralegal over twenty years ago in Georgia, but since that time has also enjoyed a wonderful life raising her two sons with her Husband, traveling throughout the United States while he was in the military. Because of that, her knowledge of “military life” is extensive. Diana homeschooled her sons for a significant time and spending time with them and her Husband as well as their entire extended family has been a cherished blessing to her. When it was time to retire from the military, Diana and her Husband moved here to beautiful Colorado to begin the next chapter in their lives. As it has always been for her, extended family is of utmost importance and Diana has story after story of the interesting life she lives with four generations under one roof, between the ages of 19 and 91! Because of her care for her elderly grandparents along with her own parents, Diana is well-versed in the care of the elderly and their needs. Diana’s passion is family and that carries over into her work here at Ellmann & Ellmann, P.C. and her care for all of our clients as well!

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