If you have ever been a victim of a medical condition and was denied a claim of using the excuse of pre-existing conditions, or at least known someone who has suffered from this inhumane mistreatment, then you are not alone in today’s America. Mary Jo was such a person. She became the victim of a car crash, then learned that the at-fault driver’s insurance company would only cover not even half of her resulting medical expenses suffered in the car crash. The reasons she was given were that she already suffered from medically pre-existing conditions, an all too familiar excuse. Once they had a good look at the car crash victim’s medical history, this at-fault driver’s insurance company saw an opportunity to reduce their out of pocket expenses by a couple of dollars. Fortunately for Mary Jo, she knew better than to take these pitiful excuses lying down. She hired an aggressive Phoenix personal injury attorney that went after the insurance company like a shark to get her what was entitled to her all along.

Problems Arising if the Accident Worsens a Medical Condition Which is Pre-Existing

If you suffer the misfortune of experiencing a car crash and file a claim as a result of it, you can be sure that the at-fault insurance company is going to make as much trouble for you as they possibly can based on your past medical history and any medical conditions at all which are pre-existing. Sadly, a great number of victimized individuals feel that maybe they do not deserve any compensation for such injuries, since the expert insurance company told them so. You have to know better than to trust these greedy insurance companies. Pre-existing conditions do sometimes complicate the scenario, but simply suffering from one will not ensure that your medical bills remain unpaid.

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Of course this naturally assumes that you do not buy the tricky excuses and lines from the other party’s insurance company. Even though they will twist your arm backwards in an effort to force you to provide them with a statement that is being recorded, you should never do this. You can be sure that they will inquire concerning your past medical history every single time if they do convince you to provide them with such a statement. This will include subtle questions about any pain that you have ever experienced before the accident occurred, or even something so innocuous sounding as whether or not your physician has ever suggested that you might be suffering from arthritis. Should you tell them that you ever had any pre-existing conditions or something as minor as past back pains, they will simply claim that your unfortunate problems would have surfaced whether or not you ever experienced a car accident. Then they would naturally refuse to pay the medical claims.

Assuming that you hold something back in your answers to these medical history questions, then be sure that they will uncover this fact sooner or later. This would then form the insurance company’s basis that you are not telling the truth. Once they are able to label you a liar, they can extrapolate still farther with their suppositions to claim that if you were willing to lie about these inconsequential matters, then you are likely telling stories about your pains and suffering as well. Then you can be sure that they would refuse to pay your medical claims as well. This is why giving the insurance company any kind of a statement on your medical condition is akin to putting yourself in the proverbial rock and hard place position in which no one wishes to be caught.

Just because you have never suffered from an accident that required you to make such a personal injury claim in the past and you are therefore new to the surrounding protocols does not mean that you have to be taken advantage of by grasping insurance companies. This is exactly what they are hoping for, sadly.

Making a Full Financial and Physical Recovery from the Accident

Insurance companies know all too well that degenerative conditions such as disc disease, arthritis, and other aches and pains are common as people naturally age. Your medical records will give you away if you had these types of diagnoses before your accident and yet you did not really suffer from any associated pain in the past. It may also be that the condition that was actually pre-existing before the accident did not lead to any physical symptoms before you experienced the car crash. Doctors’ honest opinions are all important at this stage in the game.

Even though the doctor’s primary focus should be on helping you get better, their records will demonstrate any progress to your conditions and the ways in which the accident may have added to your sufferings. This is why you should go into great detail with your doctor, especially regarding any pain that you suffered from both before and after, as well as any other activities that you can no longer enjoy because of the problems associated with the accident. Maybe you could kneel before the accident, even with a knee pad to help you, and yet now you cannot kneel at all any longer.

Insurance companies did not grow rich by being stupid and paying out every claim that comes across their claims adjusters’ desks. Rather, they intentionally come up with a different excuse for every accident and victim who files a claim. Should you suffer from pre-existing medical conditions before an accident and then you suffer additional injuries in the course of the accident, be assured that the sneaky insurance companies will throw up every possible roadblock that they can possibly conjure rather than pay your medical claim and bills. This is not personal, it is after all only business to them. Some helpful news amidst all of this crooked practice is that a good and reputable Castle Rock car accident attorney in Phoenix will never make you pay to have a consultation. Contact Cantor Crane today at (602) 254-2701.