Going through a divorce can seem like a scary process, but it doesn’t have to be. Hire a Douglas County, Castle Rock divorce attorney who will help you navigate the process from day one, without any hidden surprises. Let our expertise be your guide through this complicated process.

2. Fair Timesharing

Do you have children? Our divorce attorneys will help ensure that you get the time with your children you deserve.

3. Asset Protection

Our attorneys know that you worked hard for your money and property. We work hard to make sure you don’t get anything less than what you deserve.

4. Professionalism

Our team of attorneys makes ethics and civility our top priority. By choosing Ellmann & Ellmann, PC, you can be confident you are choosing a team of attorneys who make professionalism a priority in everything we do.

5. The details Are Covered 

We know that going through a divorce can be stressful. With our attorneys by your side, you won’t have to worry about navigating every little step along the way. Let us take care of the details for you.

6. Aggressive Representation

At Ellmann & Ellmann, PC, aggressive representation means we will work hard toward getting you the best result possible.

7. Experience Where It Counts

You wouldn’t hire an amateur to build a home or fix a car, so why hire an amateur attorney to represent you in a divorce? Our divorce lawyers have extensive experience in family law and are prepared to litigate your case with the skill that can only come with practice and experience.

8. Responsiveness

As a client, you will always be our number one priority. Our commitment to you includes a commitment to being available when you need us.

9. Fair Pricing

At Ellmann & Ellmann, PC, we are committed to fair pricing and will never charge you for anything unnecessary.

10. Excellence

Our attorneys at Ellmann & Ellmann, PC have been rated as Super Lawyers and received an Avvo rating of “superb.” You can feel confident that your case will be handled by some of the finest attorneys in Colorado.