Colorado Drug Possession: What Now?

Colorado drug possession charges are no laughing matter. Depending on the amount of the illegal substance you are found with, and the circumstances surrounding the arrest, you could face serious, if not life altering penalties for the charges if found guilty. If you have been arrested for possession, there are a few things you should keep in mind before your court date approaches.

Possible Penalties for Colorado Drug Possession

Nearly all crimes that relate to drug possession are punishable by time served in prison. Failure to appear for court will most commonly land you in prison for six months as a minimum, so be sure to keep track of your court date. If the amount was less than an ounce, and you have no previous criminal record, you may be lucky and be considered a “petty offense” with a $100 fine. More than one ounce of illegal substances will be a misdemeanor charge, which usually brings six to eighteen months in jail and a large fine. Anything over eight ounces is a felony charge, which will likely result in up to a year and half in jail, a suspended drivers license and a very large fine.

Do You Need a Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney?

When you consider the hefty penalties for drug possession charges in Colorado, the better question to ask is “Can you afford not to have an attorney?” An experienced lawyer will have handled hundreds, if not thousands, of Colorado drug possession cases in his or her career.  An experienced attorney understands the court system, likely knows the judges that will handle your case, and has the expertise to negotiate on your behalf to help you get a lesser sentence if your charges cannot be dropped altogether.

The law offices of Ellmann & Ellmann PC, in Castle Rock, Colorado have years of experience defending drug possession charges, from the smallest petty offenses to complex cases involving large quantities of controlled substances.

Colorado drug possession charges