Colorado Drug Charges

If you’re charged with a drug-related crime in Colorado, you could find yourself facing serious consequences. Just possessing so-called “controlled substances” is illegal, but so is selling drugs, manufacturing them, dispensing or distributing them and more. The severity of drug charges can be affected by multiple factors – what drug you have, the amount of the substance, and the reason for which you have it.

The Denver drug charge attorneys at Ellmann & Ellmann know the law when it comes to drug offenses. Whether you’ve been arrested for possessing a substance for personal use (generally the least serious of the range of potential drug violations) or something more complicated, we’re here 24/7 to meet with you and to take immediate action on your behalf. If you’ve been arrested for drug charges, you need to know your rights. At Ellmann & Ellmann, our criminal defense lawyers have the know-how to represent you confidently and effectively.

Colorado drug charge attorney

Colorado has adopted the same system of classifying controlled substances that is used by the federal government. The system is referred to as drug scheduling and lists five categories (schedules) that include substances the government regulates. Schedule 1, 2 and 3 drugs are considered the most dangerous. That determination is based on a drug’s potential for abuse, whether it is useful for medical purposes, its level of safety, its potential for causing dependency, and other factors.

If you are arrested on drug charges, the consequences can vary widely. If you’re charged with possession of a minimal amount of a controlled substance for your own use, for instance, you might be fined and perhaps placed on probation. However, if you’re arrested for possession of a large amount of cocaine that’s obviously been packaged for sale in small quantities, the charges are going to be significantly more serious, and you could find yourself facing penalties that include long-term imprisonment.

When your freedom and livelihood are at stake, you want experienced, accessible legal help. The Denver drug charge defense lawyers of Ellmann & Ellmann will confer with you to learn the circumstances of your arrest, to determine the weaknesses in the case against you, and to explain the options available to you. Call Ellmann & Ellmann and request your free, confidential consultation. You can reach our firm at any hour online or by phone at 303-814-2600.

Drug-Related Arrests in Colorado

Figures provided by the FBI report 17,851 arrests for drug abuse violations in Colorado for the most recent year available. Of that number, minors under the age of 18 accounted for 3,456 arrests.

Information from the nation’s Drug Enforcement Administration confirms DEA arrests in the U.S. for 2009 totaled 30,567.

In addition to the federal arrest statistics, state and local law enforcement agencies in Colorado account for thousands more arrests each year for various drug charges. For instance, in Denver alone, more than 3,700 adult arrests for drug charges were reported in a year’s time by the Denver Police Department.

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