Repeat DUIs Result In Serious Consequences

Your first Colorado DUI comes with pretty harsh penalties. You likely will face a temporary loss of license, fines, driver education requirements, community service, and possible time in jail or probation. But what happens if you receive an additional DUI? Unfortunately, the penalty is much more severe after the first offense.

If you are facing a second DUI, it is very important that you find a successful Colorado DUI attorney to represent you. The consequences are seriously increased with each DUI a person receives, and an attorney is your best chance of receiving the minimum penalties should you be found guilty of a DUI.


The minimum fine given for a second DUI in Colorado is $600. Rarely will you skate by with just the $600 fine though. Fines as high as $1,500 are possible for a second DUI, and many judges will go for the toughest penalties in an attempt to prevent future DUIs.

Jail Time

A second Colorado DUI will require a minimum of 10 days served in jail. However, the maximum sentence is one year of jail time. During the time served, you cannot use or earn time off for good behavior.

Probation Requirements

In addition to time spent in jail, a person convicted of a second DUI must have two year of probation as a minimum. The maximum amount of probation is five years.

Additional Expenses

In addition to the fines, a person with consecutive DUIs will incur court costs and attorney fees. If damage was done to a person or property during the DUI, you may also have to pay restitution. Most DUIs come with a list of required treatment programs, and each of these will have a cost associated with them.

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