Your Guide to Disturbing the Peace Charges in Colorado

Every state has its own laws regarding disturbing the peace. Disturbing the peace generally refers to words or conduct that compromises public health, safety, morals and overall peace and quiet. It’s not a serious criminal offense, but it is punishable by a fine, jail time or both. If you’re charged with disturbing the peace in Colorado, you’ll need a seasoned Colorado criminal defense attorney with experience handling these types of cases. Your attorney can explain Colorado’s disturbing the peace laws and your rights under the law.

There are many actions that could be interpreted as disturbing the peace, especially if the police are annoyed and looking to take control of a situation quickly. Some behaviors that constitute disturbing the peace include:

  • Speaking offensively in a public place most likely to incite violence;
  • Shouting in a public place with the intent to incite unlawful behavior or violence;
  • Intentionally playing loud music at impromptu hours of the night even after being asked to turn it down or given fair warning;
  • Fighting or trying to start a fight in a public place;
  • Allowing your dog to bark excessively in a residential neighborhood;
  • Assembling in public in a unlawful manner;
Disturbing the peace in Colorado

Defending Disturbing the Peace Charges in Denver and Castle Rock

In order to be found guilty of disturbing the peace, the court must determine that your actions were willful or malicious. If a fight was involved, your actions must be determined to have been unlawful and not in self defense or in defense of another person. Your Colorado criminal defense attorney will review the events surrounding your arrest to determine if you actually committed a violation. Such details may include the location, time and place where the offense occurred, the actions or verbal exchange that took place and any physical altercations, if any.