No one wants to imagine that their child might get into legal trouble, but juvenile offenses happen and children make mistakes. In Colorado, the court system that addresses juvenile offenses has procedures and rules that are uniquely its own. Although a crime is committed by a child, he or she may face punishments that can be as life-changing and serious as the sentences that are applicable to adult offenders. When your child is in trouble, you need the counsel of a qualified Colorado  juvenile defense attorney.

At Ellmann & Ellmann, our Castle Rock Colorado  juvenile defense attorneys know how upsetting it can be for children and parents, alike, when a child is accused of breaking the law. We approach cases involving children with the compassion and sensitivity you want for your family. Our juvenile offenses lawyers are well-versed in the state’s juvenile justice system, and we understand the laws and the procedures that apply in such cases. Whether you child has been accused of a misdemeanor or a more serious felony offense, the attorneys of Ellmann & Ellmann stand ready to explain your options and to provide the informed guidance you and your child need at this difficult time.

Offenses committed by juveniles in Colorado are characterized as status offenses or delinquency offenses. Status refers to the fact that it is illegal for minors to engage in some actions that would not be illegal if they were adults. Examples of status offenses are possession/use of alcohol, violation of curfews, running away from home or skipping school (truancy).

On the other hand, delinquency charges encompass more serious activities, such as drug violations, vandalism, assaults and other violent crimes, theft and destruction of property. As in the adult world, convictions for committing serious crimes carry substantial consequences. If your child is convicted of a serious crime, he or she could feel the effects for many years. A criminal record can affect your child’s:

  • Eligibility to obtain a driver’s license
  • Ability to go to the college of his/her choice
  • Qualification for financial aid
  • Eligibility to join the armed forces
  • Future employment prospects

The Colorado juvenile defense attorneys at Ellmann & Ellmann will work tirelessly to defend your child’s rights. We are experienced in a wide range of juvenile charges, and we will provide you and your child with the personalized attention you deserve. Our Colorado juvenile defense attorney understand how devastating it can be to see your child face the threat of commitment to a juvenile detention facility or other institution. We will aggressively represent your child and work to have charges or penalties reduced or dismissed whenever possible. Our attorneys offer a free consultation to explore your situation, and we’ll explain the alternatives available to you and your child. Call our offices at (303) 814-2600 or contact Ellmann & Ellmann online.

Juvenile Arrests in Colorado

Offenses by adults and juveniles, alike, are tracked by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. In 2009, the Bureau reported 39,876 arrests of juveniles on a variety of charges. Selected arrests include:

LarcenyRunawaysLiquor law violationsDrug violations

Disorderly conduct


Curfew violations



Aggravated assault

Weapon violations


Motor vehicle theft

Sex offenses




Family offenses

Forcible rape





















Source: Colorado Bureau of Investigation