Traffic & Speeding Ticket  Attorney

In Colorado, traffic offenses can encompass many kinds of violations. Certainly, impaired driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs can spell serious consequences for motorists, but other violations also can mean distressing and costly results. Convictions for speeding, reckless driving, illegal turns, driving without a valid license, leaving the scene of an accident, running a red light and other offenses can mean higher insurance rates, points against your driver’s license, fines, loss of driving privileges and other penalties. If you’ve been charged with a traffic violation, don’t discount it as a minor inconvenience. You need the advice of an experienced Traffic & Speeding ticket attorney in Castle Rock Colorado.

The Castle Rock traffic ticket lawyers at Ellmann & Ellmann know that it’s a mistake to assume a violation such as speeding or running a stop sign can’t have potentially long-lasting effects. Our attorneys are experienced in handling a wide range of cases involving traffic offenses. We’re ready to work for you to have charges reduced or dismissed or to minimize the penalties you face. At Ellmann & Ellmann, we know that traffic issues don’t always happen during the typical workday, so we’re accessible when you need us, day or night.

What can happen if you’re arrested for a traffic violation? Although many people imagine that they might just pay a ticket and be done with an offense, it often isn’t that simple. Of course, penalties vary with violations, but some of the consequences you could face include:

  • Driver’s license points
  • Increased insurance rates
  • Mandatory classes for drivers
  • Community service
  • Jail sentences
  • Driver’s license suspension or revocation
  • Payment of fines
  • Payment of restitution

Penalties are more severe when traffic offenses result in damage to property or in injuries or deaths. The laws that apply to violations are extensive and complex. An informed interpretation of your situation relies on a clear understanding of the law as it applies to your individual circumstances. Seek reliable guidance from a qualified Colorado traffic & speeding ticket attorney.

At the law firm of Ellmann & Ellmann, our experienced Colorado traffic offense attorneys will take immediate action to ensure that your rights are respected. We have successfully negotiated dismissal of charges or lowered charges for motorists we’ve represented. Our Colorado traffic offense lawyers understand that traffic violations can mean long-lasting and damaging results. Your employment could be at stake. Your financial situation can be adversely affected. Your ability to earn a living could be compromised if you lose your driving privileges or if you face jail time. Ellmann & Ellmann have the knowledge and proven legal skills you need when you’ve been charged with a traffic offense. Contact our offices for a free consultation. Email Ellmann & Ellmann online or call us at (303) 814-2600.

Traffic Offenses in Colorado

The Colorado State Patrol is involved in investigations of about one in three vehicle crashes that occur in the state. Latest data puts that figure at more than 27,000 crashes in a year’s time.

Some of the traffic offenses involved in those crashes:

Driver inattention
Lane violations
Following too closely
Failure to yield
Asleep at the wheel
Improper left turn
Improper passing
Stop sign violation
Driving on wrong side
Parking violation
Signal violation

Source: Colorado State Patrol