In order to make sure that you and your loved ones are cared for if you get seriously ill, it can be important to speak with a Colorado estate planning attorney. A lawyer who understands Colorado estate law can help you draft important legal documents like powers of attorney, living wills or advanced directives.

If you’ve never stopped to think about what will happen if you have serious medical issues, these documents can be confusing. An advanced directive is any document that gives instructions as to your wishes in advance of your becoming ill. These documents can include:

  • Medical Power of Attorney: This document gives permission for another individual to make medical decisions on treatments or other care if you are incapacitated by illness or injury and unable to give informed consent to medical professionals.
  • Living Will: A living will sets forth your wishes regarding life-saving medical treatments and life support in the event that you are rendered unconscious or unable to give informed consent for seven consecutive days.
  • Resuscitation Directive: This type of legal document directly addresses your wishes regarding resuscitation techniques such as breathing tubes or CPR procedures, and it can be included in advanced directives, living wills or other legal documents.
  • Disposition of Last Remains: This advanced directive addresses how you would like your remains to be handled if your illness or injury is fatal. Like a CPR directive, this legal statement can be included in other documents.

While these types of wishes can be difficult to think about when we are healthy, it can be very important to include advanced directives or living wills in other estate planning documents. Many medical treatments such as breathing tubes, life support or resuscitation techniques can be expensive, and these medical treatments can affect your final estate. A Colorado estate planning attorney can help you safeguard your assets and provide for your family.

By specifying how you would like to be treated if you become terminally ill or seriously injured, you can save your family from heart-wrenching decisions in a time of crisis and make sure that your estate is managed properly. Contact a Colorado attorney today to discuss the legal documents that can safeguard your family against unforeseen circumstances.