Even the most concerned and caring non-custodial parents may find themselves at a point in their lives where they are unable to pay child support. Loss of a job, illness or injury, changes in wages and financial emergencies happen to the best of parents. The key to any difficult financial situation is communication. If you are unable to work out an amicable agreement with the custodial parent, it may be time to get professional assistance.

When a child support order is in place, failure to pay brings very harsh penalties. Child support is a legal obligation, and the Colorado courts may get involved if payments are not made in a timely manner.

Penalties for failure to pay child support may include:

  • Garnishment of wages
  • Suspension of driver’s license
  • Denial of passports
  • Judgments
  • Liens
  • Contempt of Court

Luckily, a modification to an existing court order may be possible in some situations. A modification provides an opportunity for the financial situations of both parents to be taken into consideration, and calculations to be adjusted either up or down in regards to payments owed.

For the best possible outcome, modification requests should be made as soon as your financial situation changes, and before your child support is in arrears. Contacting an experienced Colorado family law attorney before you get behind on payments may help avoid some of the penalties listed above.