Divorce is tough; that much is just a simple truism. However, despite the inherent difficulties that come with divorce—the loss of a relationship that you had counted on for the rest of your life, the loss of a degree of trust in the one person you with whom you could share anything, the division of property, child support and custody—not every divorce has to be an angry war of words fought between two people who can no longer stand the sight of one another and have each retained their own divorce and family law attorney

Indeed, some divorces and legal separations are downright amicable. Sometimes couples realize together that while they are great friends, they don’t make great lifelong partners. In such cases it may come to pass that separate divorce attorneys are not necessary; a single attorney can handle the split on behalf of both partners.

This process, of a single neutral attorney acting as a go-between for both parties in a divorce or separation, is known as mediation, and Denver mediation attorneys in Colorado handle these sorts of divorces all the time.

The benefit to using a mediation attorney is that lengthy and difficult court cases are not necessary for couples able to handle their separation in an amicable or uncontested fashion. Indeed, mediation may even be preferable to a court-handled divorce because let’s face it: people put a lot of work into marriage. The relationship is one that both partners bet their lives on, and when it falls apart, the process is devastating on many levels not only to the couple, but to their loved ones.

Certainly it is better to handle an uncontested divorce in as friendly a manner as possible.  Many people don’t even realize that mediation is an option, and if you live in Colorado, a Denver mediation attorney is an option you should certainly investigate.