If you and your spouse are contemplating an end to your marriage, there may be reasons why you want to consider a legal separation as opposed to a divorce (or dissolution of marriage as it is referred to legally). A legal separation can offer financial and tax advantages. It may also enable you to keep valuable insurance coverage in place. In addition, some couples prefer a separation because of religious reasons. Further, obtaining a legal separation instead of a divorce enables a couple to later resume the marriage if they choose to do so.

The Castle Rock divorce lawyers at Ellmann & Ellmann know that reaching a separation agreement can be just as emotionally charged as going through an actual divorce. Our attorneys understand the complexities of Colorado law, and we have the experience you need to negotiate a fair and practical separation agreement. If you and your spouse have children, our legal separation attorneys are especially sensitive to your need to make detailed arrangements that address the care and well-being of your family. The lawyers at Ellmann & Ellmann are ready to provide you with the knowledgeable legal guidance you need during this difficult time.

Under Colorado law, the process to obtain a legal separation is similar to that involved in getting a divorce. In fact, some couples who enter into a legal separation decide to pursue dissolution of the marriage at a later date. Which option is best for you? For constructive and informed advice on the desirability of a legal separation over a divorce, it is wise to consult an attorney who is familiar with Colorado’s marital laws. Your attorney also can help you plan for the future, laying any necessary groundwork to protect your interests in the event that you and your spouse decide on a divorce at a later time.

The grounds for obtaining a legal separation in Colorado are the same as those for divorce: your marriage is irretrievably broken. If you and your attorney determine that legal separation provides you with financial, healthcare or other advantages, you may be assured that the agreement will also address any concerns you have about the custody of your children, financial support, division of marital property and the like.

At the law firm of Ellmann & Ellmann, our Castle Rock divorce attorneys are ready to assist you in crafting a legal separation agreement that will serve your needs and those of your children. Our lawyers understand that a decision to end your marriage does not come easily. We are committed to providing you with both legal know-how and caring service. Ellmann & Ellmann offers you a free, confidential consultation to explore your rights and your options under Colorado law. Contact our offices today to schedule a discussion with one of our experienced Colorado legal separation attorneys. Phone Ellmann & Ellmann at (303) 814-2600 . If you prefer, you may contact our firm online.

Colorado Law Allows You to Convert a Legal Separation to a Divorce

After your decree of legal separation has been in place for six months, either you or your spouse may file a motion to convert the separation to a decree of dissolution of marriage (divorce).

Source: Colorado Revised Statutes