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Castle Rock Colorado Lawyers OfficeEllmann & Ellmann, P.C. are Castle Rock Colorado Lawyers who have successfully handled criminal defense and family law matters. We offer our experience, compassion, and confidentiality to every client we represent.

Life-Altering Events

Being convicted of a felony or misdemeanor is a mark on your record that will follow you wherever you go. Many of those charged feel that the only way for the matter to go away is to plead guilty immediately. You have options and rights. You need a law firm that will perform a detailed investigation of the procedures involved to make sure your rights were not violated. Our Colorado Lawyers have handled cases regarding charges for all levels of crimes in State, County, and Municipal Courts throughout the state.

Family law matters require not only experience, but a certain level of delicacy and sensitivity. When a child’s interest is at stake during a divorce or custody-related issue, the focus should be on the future relationships within the family. Those looking to add on to their family also need a lawyer who can explain the process and maintain open lines of communication to successfully facilitate an adoption.

Attorneys with Experience and Passion

Managing PartnerĀ Kevin T. Ellmann established this law firm following many year as a Senior Deputy District Attorney in the 18th Judicial District covering Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert, and Lincoln counties. He has successfully handled many criminal cases, including DUI. He brings a unique perspective from his time spent as a Senior Deputy DA, as well as solid relationships with municipal county and district court prosecutors.

Martina D. Ellmann has worked in private practice and served as Assistant Regional Counsel for the Social Security Administration. Her work includes strong representation in family law matters, including divorce, custody issues, and adoption. You can count on her to bring both passion for the law and compassion for families dealing with life-changing issues.

Paralegal Diana Cory.


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