This article shares some great advice from car accident lawyer, Aaron Crane from Cantor Crane about the history of Personal Injury Law.  With everything being so busy in the world today, there are more accidents than ever before. These can be car or workplace accidents. Because of so many cases like these, in forethought, they might have been prevented if people would have paid more attention on the roads and not used cell phones, or if they had taken care of a workplace issue when something happened. In the 1600’s, the rule became that is someone fails to act in a manner that is reasonable, they may be held responsible for the injuries.

In The Beginning Of The 20th Century

This is when society started to take note of personal injury cases. In television, the first commercial was made for a personal injury lawyer in 1979. With years of experience, the laws for personal injury kept changing. They have changed for the good and for the bad. This is because there have been plenty of cases that have come through the courts that have changed things for the people after that. It is a good idea to have a personal injury lawyer when a person is in an accident and becomes injured.

In 1990, McDonald’s Lawsuit Plays a Part

The changing scope of the legal world was rocked with the spilling of McDonald’s coffee on a patron’s lap. The award to the plaintiff was for $200,000. McDonald’s was also given a $2.7 million dollars in punitive damages. After the verdict, but before the final appeal, the case was settled out of court, so it has been secret as to what happened after that.

Seeking Justice

The personal injury sector seeks justice for the injured and it also helps to protect the consumers. In this way, it helps to right the wrongs of people that did something that they should not have done or did not care what they did. In the second case, this would be negligence, and it happens a lot to many people in all different aspects of life.

Today, even with advancements and changes in the personal injury field, It remains that the wrongdoing or negligence of another will be punished. The courts will award money to the victim through a process of law. In many personal injury cases, if this can be proven, the injured is awarded for medical and other expenses that were incurred because of the injury.

If you are involved in an accident, report it immediately and take notes

Reporting an accident immediately is very important. You want the officials to know that something happened, and that you are injured. It is also a good idea to write down notes of the time, date and everything that happened when the injury occurred. This can be used in the court hearing to determine fault of the other person.

What happens in the beginning process of hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Your personal injury lawyer will take down all of the information that happened during the accident. This part of the process is usually free. They will then discuss what will happen when fighting the case in a court of law. Since it can take a bit of time, it is important that the injured person have patience when they are dealing with a personal injury lawsuit.

Should There Be Any Witnesses, This Must Be Documented

In the case of an accident, whether it be car or workplace related, if there are witnesses, this needs to be documented. The injured person should get the names, addresses and phone numbers of the witnesses. They will need to be contacted by the personal injury lawyer to give testimony during the case in order to get the money that should be awarded to the injured person.

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