Boulder Prosecutors Face Challenge in Cold Case Trial

Boulder prosecutors are preparing to try a man for a homicide that happened more than 18 years ago. A man who stole checks from the victim is accused of committing murder after the theft was reported. The suspect had hoped to get into the U.S. Marines and, according to prosecutors, feared a felony theft charge would hurt his chances. Castle Rock criminal defense attorneys understand that the alleged murder weapon was never found, which me... Read More

Colorado Doctors Back Marijuana Legalization

Colorado voters will decide next month whether to approve a measure that would legalize marijuana for recreational use, and regulate it under state law, similar to the way we regulate alcohol. Castle Rock marijuana attorneys understand that Amendment 64 has just received an important endorsement that could lend the effort some much-needed credibility: doctors. A press conference held by the former associate medical director of the Universit... Read More

El Paso County Woman Takes Plea in Child Abuse Case

An El Paso County woman who allegedly abandoned her 3-year-old boy back in January has skirted a conviction on a charge of attempted first-degree murder, in exchange for a guilty plea on a single charge of felony child abuse. Castle Rock felony defense lawyers understand that there are some cases in which there may be little chance of avoiding at least some jail time. However, an experienced attorney can work to negotiate those charges down ... Read More

Douglas County Sex Crimes Defense Wins Small Victory in Teacher Case

A former teacher and wrestling coach at Mountain Vista High School is facing allegations of sexual assault against a child by a person in a position of power, stemming from a reportedly consensual relationship he had with a 17-year-old female student, and two others who were 18. Our Castle Rock  criminal defense lawyers know that if convicted, the defendant faces up to 12 years in prison. It's a harsh price to pay, given the facts of the case... Read More

New Year’s Eve: Play It Safe

New Year's is a time of celebration for many in Castle Rock.  If you have plans to be out celebrating the new beginnings with your friends or loved ones, it's important to keep in mind that the Colorado Department of Transportation provides grants to local police departments to help offset overtime so that all officers available can be out patrolling the roads. Colorado's "Heat is On" campaign is in full swing for the New Year's celebrations,... Read More

Police Impersonator Commits Two Robberies

Who hasn't, as a child, enjoyed a good game of "Cops and Robbers?" We all liked to pretend as kids, and many of us spent as much time arguing over who was the cop and who was the robber, as we did actually playing the assigned roles. But what happens when, in real life, the cop becomes the robber? Just such a thing happened-twice-in Denver this week, and the scenario is nightmarish, for Colorado criminal defense attorneys and everyone in Denver. ... Read More

Demi and Ashton: Say It Ain’t So!

Another celebrity divorce? Another Hollywood power couple engaged in a scandalous split that has Colorado divorce attorneys, as well as divorce attorneys and the general public watching with baited breath to see what happens? The heck you say! But Demi and Ashton were such a perfect couple! How could this have happened? Ashton even bought her an expensive car to save their relationship! Okay, okay. So it’s really not a surprise at all. Break... Read More

Ten-Hour Airbase Standoff Ends with Surrender, Arrest

We see news stories about standoffs all too often these days. A domestic dispute escalates far beyond yelling and screaming, and one party ends up holding the other hostage while police SWAT teams spend hours outside the house, trying to either negotiate with the accused or otherwise force their surrender. The drama plays out before the public's eyes with constant news updates, before the Colorado criminal defense attorneys ever even enter the pi... Read More

Clinic Workers Cut Deal to Bring Down Pill Mill

A Colorado criminal law attorney has done his or her job well when not only is the client's rights protected and the sentence proper, but when an even greater crime is stopped in the process. Just such a thing happened recently, when two clinic workers who had been arrested and charged on drug charges were sentenced to time served after they cut a deal to bring down their boss, who operated a clinic that allegedly served as a "pill mill," freely ... Read More

Police Arrest Uncle for Kidnapping Missing Teen

And you thought your custody battle was tough?  What if your teenaged child vanished in the middle of a bitter custody battle and remained missing for fifteen months? It’s the sort of story that haunts the nightmares of every divorcing couple and their Denver divorce attorneys. And yet, This very thing happened in Colorado, and police just located the missing teen, alive and unharmed. His uncle has been arrested for kidnapping. 14-year-old ... Read More

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