Most people think of a traffic offense as a simple speeding ticket that will only result in a fine, but there are criminal traffic offenses that can result in serious consequences to driving privileges and the freedom of the accused. Many Colorado traffic violations are more than just a momentary inconvenience; they can result in criminal as well as administrative consquences. While many people may not think an attorney is necessary in a traffic violation case, an attorney can help individuals get their criminal traffic charges reduced and administrative penalties waived.

Criminal traffic charges include DUI or DWAI, reckless driving or excessive speed, just to name a few. Most criminal traffic violations are misdemeanor charges, though traffic crimes involving injury to another person like vehicular assault or manslaughter can be felony charges if the injury or accident is severe enough. In any case of criminal traffic charges, you need a trusted Colorado criminal defense attorney with experience working with both the criminal courts and the Colorado DMV on your side.

A defense lawyer can not only defend you in criminal court, but they can also represent your interests in a DMV hearing. Often, administrative driving penalties like driver’s license points or suspensions can be waived if an attorney is there to argue on the driver’s behalf. Even seemingly minor traffic violations can be waived with an attorney present to work with the adminsitrative and judicial staff. An attorney can also help a client keep up with all the deadlines and paperwork necessary to deal with a major traffic violation like a DUI. The deadlines for paperwork in these cases can often be especially important, and it can be hard to keep up with everything without solid legal advice. An attorney can make sure your criminal traffic violation presents minimal disruption to your life and your ability to drive.