The holidays are a stressful time for many divorced parents. Adding holiday shopping costs to the financial stress of caring for a child alone can be overwhelming for many custodial parents. The holidays can be even more stressful due to the fact many visitation schedules allow for extra time for the children to spend with the non-custodial parent. While in many cases, this extra time with Mom or Dad is beneficial to the child, there are some situations in which this extended unsupervised visitation may bring about red flags.

Every parent wants their child to be safe and secure, regardless of where they may be. If your child returns from visitation with stories or complaints about situations that arose during the holiday visitation, you may be unsure how to proceed.

First and foremost, try to maintain a positive tone with your children, especially if they are young. Until you are certain there is a serious problem, acting angry or worried will only cause further problems down the road when the child returns to the non-custodial parent for visitation again.

If the issue is a minor issue, try talking with the non-custodial parent and see if you can calmly discuss your concerns. If the issue involves suspected abuse or neglect, contact the police immediately. If you are unable to work out a resolution to the problem with your former spouse, or you are concerned for the safety of your children, seek the legal guidance of a qualified Colorado family law attorney.

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