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Dealing with Estate Taxes

people, however, who do not have the services of a qualified estate planning attorney can understand the intricacies of the new laws in place. When someone passes away, the last thing their loved ones want to deal with are complicated rules and procedures regarding the estate, especially since in addition to the federal tax laws, each state-Colorado included-has its own estate planning laws. People in Colorado would be wise to consult a Colorado ... Read More

Estate Planning and Advanced Directives

In order to make sure that you and your loved ones are cared for if you get seriously ill, it can be important to speak with a Colorado estate planning attorney. A lawyer who understands Colorado estate law can help you draft important legal documents like powers of attorney, living wills or advanced directives. If you've never stopped to think about what will happen if you have serious medical issues, these documents can be confusing. An adva... Read More

Jackson Estate Continues to Gain Value

Michael Jackson died deeply in debt, and yet, his children and beneficiaries stand to inherit millions from his estate.  How is this the case? His estate has continued to generate money long after the pop star’s death. Wise estate planning attorneys, combined with astute planning by the executors and trust of the estate, have managed to convert the physical assets of the estate—particularly property—into cold, hard cash. Jackson’s death ... Read More

Everyone Should have a Living Will

There are many medical breakthroughs that extend our lives found on practically an everyday basis. Some people however are more interested in the quality of life vs. the quantity of years in that life. The living will is a document that gives you a say in your future medical care even if you are in a coma or suffering from advanced Alzheimer's disease or dementia. This instrument can specifically outline what measures of resuscitation you would w... Read More

The Estate Tax has Returned

The IRS estate tax was on hiatus in 2010 but it has returned. There are rules on when you have to file and what is included in the estate. The Colorado estate tax is based on the death tax credit allowable on the federal tax return. If you would like to have your heirs protected from being taxed unnecessarily by these two jurisdictions, you need to meet with a Colorado estate planning attorney. The Colorado estate planning attorney is knowledgeab... Read More

Publicizing Joe Paterno’s Estate Planning

It’s not every day that a Colorado estate planning attorney gets to follow a story that involves both estate planning, criminal scandals, and famous people all at the same time. Embattled former Penn State head coach Joe Paterno, also known as “JoePa” to both his fans and detractors, recently transferred the deed to house into his wife’s name, selling the property to her for one dollar, plus love and affection. Many detractors immediately... Read More

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