There are many medical breakthroughs that extend our lives found on practically an everyday basis. Some people however are more interested in the quality of life vs. the quantity of years in that life. The living will is a document that gives you a say in your future medical care even if you are in a coma or suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. This instrument can specifically outline what measures of resuscitation you would want to have or fore-go if circumstances necessitate such a decision. The Colorado estate planning attorney can help you with this and all other aspects of your future care. When you are drawing up your last will and testament it makes sense to draw up a living will too. The Colorado estate planning attorney can also advise on steps that can be taken to protect your home from being lost due to the high cost of nursing home care. They can advise you of the legal solutions that can be put in place to protect your assets.

Depending on the size of your estate, you may want to set up a trust or other legal entity to maximize the value of your estate by minimizing the taxes that will have to come out it. You can look out for your own best interests and your heirs by consulting with a Colorado estate planning attorney. You will be safe in the knowledge that an expert will be handling your affairs properly and honestly. They will be an enormous source of help and comfort to your loved ones at a very difficult time for them. The Colorado estate planning attorney has the knowledge and experience in all these areas and this can be invaluable to you and your family.

Medical marvels are seen on television and in newspapers every day. Some improve the quality of life. If you want to insure your quality of life a living will is a must. A meeting with a Colorado estate planning attorney can improve your quality of life in many ways. Protecting your assets, aiding your heirs in handling inheritance taxes, and having the peace of mind that your final affairs are being handled honestly and professionally will also improve your sense of well being now and in the future.

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