The fact that unemployment is still high, combined with many others surviving with lesser jobs since losing a better paying job, is hurting the economy’s recovery. There is less money being spent and therefore less job creation. If you have lost your job or had to take one for less money there can be ways to alleviate your current financial situation. If you are divorced and receiving alimony, a change in your economic status could qualify you for an increase in that alimony. It isn’t cut and dried; you must meet with a Colorado divorce attorney and have them analyze your options. The Colorado divorce attorney is well aware of the changes people go through. They also know the latest case law changes and can use their expert knowledge to help you in your fight to remain solvent.

It’s hard when you go through a divorce. It can be worse trying to live with an agreement that didn’t take into consideration what the future may hold. Many divorced couples are experiencing firsthand what can happen when an agreement is made during a much better economic climate than the one we have now. It is difficult to predict the future so it is understandable when you try to make a new, fair, and equitable deal under present conditions. The Colorado divorce attorney can look at the specifics of your current agreement and make some suggestions as to what can be done. They are the expert but they do need your input every step of the way. They will need to know all your sources of income and get a detailed breakdown of your expenses. Armed with this information and their knowledge of the law, the Colorado divorce attorney can make the strongest case possible for an increase in your alimony.

It is difficult to revisit life events such as divorce when you really want to move forward with your life. If your financial circumstances have changed for the worse you should consult with a Colorado divorce attorney and go over your current divorce agreement. The two of you can decide on a new plan of action and follow through on it. Then, hopefully everyone involved can go as before. The Colorado divorce attorney is there for your needs. You should take advantage of their help and expertise.

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