It would be a fair enough assumption that when it comes to divorce in Castle Rock, filings are split 50-50 between men and women.

However, Castle Rock divorce lawyers know that overwhelming, it’s the women who want out.

In couples with children, the National Center for Health Statistics indicates that in couples with children, women file for divorce more than 75 percent of the time. For college-educated couples, the woman files more than 90 percent of the time.

These are huge increases even from just 1988, when about 65 percent of divorce proceedings were initiated by women.

This increase is likely accompanied by the fact that women as a whole have become more educated and financially independent. Plus, the stigma surrounding divorce has continued to decline. Today more than ever before, women have the means to escape domestic abuse, infidelity or simply unhappiness.

But even with these growing resources and liberties, women must proceed through the divorce process in such a way that not only will she walk away from the union financially secure, but she will be able to protect her own earned assets from him.

This is where having a Castle Rock Divorce Lawyer with experience becomes critical.

Some considerations that you will want to make include:

Spousal support: Even if you pride yourself on being a person who is independent, alimony, to which you may be entitled, ensures that you have time to establish and stabilize that independence long-term.

Child custody: This is obviously key if your children are young. Some judges tend to favor whoever the primary caregiver is, and others tend to generally favor the mother regardless. It really depends, and in order to ensure you can make a strong case for primary custody, you will need a skilled divorce lawyer advocating for you.

Assets: This includes everything from the house to the vehicles to stocks to credit card accounts. There can be a lot to sort out, and you want to ensure that you receive your fair share in the divorce settlement. How this various property is divided will depend a great deal on your individual circumstances, but one thing is certain: You can’t afford to go it alone.

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