The Denver post reported that a Colorado Springs man was charged with theft after being seen leaving a marijuana dispensary by police with a knife in one hand and a marijuana plant in the other. This person who is charged could be in a better situation if he didn’t have the knife. That can lead to a serious weapons charge. The involvement of the drug will certainly be a minor problem when compared to the weapon. Assault crimes, robberies and other felonies are magnified when weapons are involved. If you have been charged with a crime and a weapon was found in your possession, you are in serious trouble and you need an expert in the law to help you.

Anyone charged in the state of Colorado for a crime that involves use of a weapon needs a Colorado criminal defense attorney on their side. This is a serious matter and must be handled by a professional with experience. The Colorado criminal defense attorney will go after the state’s case against you with everything possible to get your charges reduced. The search that found the weapon may have been illegal. This will be used by the attorney to get that evidence thrown out. The reason you were detained will be judged for its legality as well as all police procedures and behavior before, during and after your arrest. This is your future you are fighting for.

An arrest is bad enough, but with multiple charges stemming from the use a weapon while committing a crime, you need the experienced assistance of the Colorado criminal defense attorney. The trial may end but there may have been a mistake made by the judge or DA that can lead to you Colorado criminal defense attorney filing an appeal. They are also competent in making advantageous plea bargains for their clients when it is necessary. The expertise of the Colorado criminal defense attorney can not be minimized. If you are arrested for any crime, if a weapon was found or not, you need a Colorado criminal defense attorney as your representative.

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