A judge has found probable cause to have a trial in the sexual assault trial of a police officer charged with groping a female driver he had stopped. The story in the Tribune also said the officer changed his story about not stopping the driver at all, when GPS records for his vehicle placed him at the site of the incident. This is just some of the procedures that the state and attorney for the defense go through in our criminal justice system. If you have been arrested for an assault, sexual or otherwise you can hire an expert to defend you. You can get a Colorado criminal defense attorney.

In the case cited, the defendant’s attorney filed a motion to dismiss the charges due to no probable cause. As happens, the aspects of a simple sexual assault case such as this sometimes leaves little evidence other than conflicting stories. When a Colorado criminal defense attorney looks over the evidence, the merits of the state’s case can lead to a request for dismissal. As in this case, even if that is not achieved there are many other strategies that an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney can use to get an acquittal.

Any accounts by witnesses will be reviewed for conflict with established facts. The conduct of the arresting officer will be reviewed to make sure proper reading of your rights and other procedures were followed to the full letter of the law. The Colorado criminal defense attorney knows how to make every piece of evidence in your favor known to the court. They also will file to keep out any evidence that was obtained improperly by the police. The law is very complicated and the best defense is made by a person used to dealing with it every day. You must meet with a Colorado criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you do, the sooner you may go free.

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