Thereare some who believe that the divorce rate for first marriages is lower than the usual around 50% statistic that is usually given out as the US rate. There doesn’t seem to be much controversy about the higher amount of divorces for second marriages. The reason for more divorces a second time may just be the last experience with divorce was not as bad people believed it was and their comfort with it leads to more filings. It could be the mixing of children in one home from different marriages puts added stress on a relationship that a first time marriage doesn’t experience. whatever the reasons anyone in Colorado who has decided they do not want to continue with their second marriage should seek counsel with a Colorado divorce attorney. They are aware that this is a hard time and they can be counted on to be sensitive to your situation and give you some expert advice on how you should proceed.

A second divorce may be more complicated than the first. You are older and have more possessions. There may be children from your second marriage, so custody and child support will need to be addressed. Setting up alimony and child support that takes into consideration what your first divorce settlement provides will be analyzed for you by your Colorado divorce attorney. The goal is still the same as in your first divorce, getting a settlement that provides for any children, but also takes your future needs into consideration

The Colorado divorce attorney has been advising clients for years. They will call on their experience with similar cases, but    your particular needs will be their first and only priority. Every client brings their own special set of circumstances to the case and they will be your divorce attorney’s only consideration. When deciding that you can’t go on with a marriage any longer, you want to ensure a future with a sense of new well being and peace of mind. Let the Colorado divorce attorney help you achieve that. If you can’t go on in your marriage you should meet with a Colorado divorce attorney and start to plan a better, happier future.