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Burglary Suspects Sought

Our Castle Rock burglary defense attorneys have been following the news reported by The Castle Rock News Press, indicating that two individuals may be responsible for as many as 30 burglaries since late 2011.

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Criminal Defense: Police To Be Better-Equipped

The Castle Rock Police Department, in using a $200,00 grant, have amassed a wide array of new technology and equipment. That equipment includes: brand new Tasers for street officers, mountain bikes, new uniforms and patches, exercise equipment, in-car camera systems and reality-based training tools.

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Doll used in Denver Domestic Violence

Our Denver domestic violence defense attorneys understand that a police officer, accused of beating his girlfriend, alleges she actually attacked him. That in and of itself wouldn't be noteworthy, except that the weapon she reportedly used to carry out the attack was a Justin Bieber pop star doll.

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