dollsDolls are not usually a weapon of choice noted in many Denver domestic violence cases.

However, our Denver domestic violence defense attorneys understand that a police officer, accused of beating his girlfriend, alleges she actually attacked him. That in and of itself wouldn’t be noteworthy, except that the weapon she reportedly used to carry out the attack was a Justin Bieber pop star doll.

It’s an allegation that has office water cooler gatherers giggling like a gaggle of young “Beliebers.”

All joking aside, charges of domestic violence in Denver can be serious, resulting in great harm to your relationships, your reputation and your livelihood. This is especially true in cases like this that involve a police officer. A domestic violence conviction can mean the end to firearm privileges – devastating for anyone serving in law enforcement.

According to ABC 7 News in Denver, the 37-year-old police officer was arrested on charges of misdemeanor assault causing injury, obstructing a telephone service and property damage. According to his arrest warrant, he is accused of pulling out his 42-year-old girlfriend’s hair, punching her in the ribs, kicking in a locked door where she was hiding and beating her on the head with a piece of the busted door.

The girlfriend reportedly video-taped a portion of the alleged assault on her cell phone. The officer, however, audio-recorded a portion of that fight as well. The exact contents of either recording are not immediately available.

The officer, on the other hand, has alleged that his girlfriend hurled the Justin Bieber doll at him, bit his finger, kicked and choked him. He said the doll was thrown at his foot, leaving a large bruise.

Allegedly, the fight began after the officer told his girlfriend their relationship was over and she had to leave. She reportedly refused.

Officers at the scene noted both had documented injuries, including scratches, bite marks and bruises.

The officer was later accused of urging his girlfriend to “take the fall” for the incident, as she is a housewife with “nothing to lose.” He, on the other hand, could lose a great deal.

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