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Stopped for a DUI? What Tests Should You Take and Refuse?

Everyone knows driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a bad thing. Every year drunk and impaired drivers injure and kill many people. In response to these tragedies, many states—including Colorado—are enacting stricter DUI laws. Many of these new DUI laws increase the penalties for DUI and refusing to take a chemical test (blood, breath, or in rare cases urine) after being stopped for a suspected DUI. Consequently, many people are... Read More

Castle Rock Man Charged in BUI Death

A Castle Rock man is facing criminal charges in the Sept. 2 death of a grandfather who was boating with his daughter and grandchildren. Our Castle Rock criminal defense attorneys understand that the grandfather died as a result of a boating collision in Nebraska. Although this was an out-of-state incident, Colorado is home to some two dozen rivers and 2,000 lakes and reservoirs. The consequences and criminal penalties for boating under th... Read More

Castle Rock Marijuana DUI Bill Defeated

It's rare that our Castle Rock criminal defense attorneys have great news to share. There is, however, very good news for those who may be arrested for Castle Rock marijuana DUI. According to The Denver Post, a bill that would have created legal limits on marijuana intoxication while driving has been defeated by the state Senate. We reported on this issue recently in our Castle Rock Criminal Defense Lawyers Blog. Essentially, the main is... Read More

Criminal Defense: Police To Be Better-Equipped

Our Castle Rock criminal defense attorneys have some important news for residents, and it may impact your need for a solid Castle Rock criminal defense. The Castle Rock Police Department, in using a $200,00 grant, have amassed a wide array of new technology and equipment. That equipment includes: brand new Tasers for street officers, mountain bikes, new uniforms and patches, exercise equipment, in-car camera systems and reality-based trainin... Read More

Denver DUI Charges Dropped, Sanctions Reduced, Against Officer

Things are looking up for a police officer who was suspected of a Denver DUI in February. Our Denver DUI defense attorneys know that anytime someone is convicted of such an offense, they're facing penalties that can range from probation two years in jail, not to mention costly fines. However, for a law enforcement officer or someone in a position of public trust, the consequences are often more severe. That's because a conviction - or someti... Read More

Denver Marijuana DUI Laws Debated

Lawmakers are mulling over a Denver marijuana DUI statutes might require some revisions. Our Denver marijuana DUI defense attorneys are not in favor of any measure that impedes on the right of patients to use marijuana for medical ailments. According to The Associated Press, a bill is being debated that would render someone impaired if they test positive for more than 5 nanograms of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. A nanogram is ... Read More

Denver Police Officer Swears at Cop During DUI Arrest

A Denver police officer's behavior, all caught on tape, is being used by the city's independent monitor as example as to why more discipline is needed in the police department, according to a recent article. The officer had a blood alcohol content three times higher than the legal limit when he crashed his vehicle, he yelled obscenities at officers and demanded special treatment since he was an officer of the law. According to S... Read More

Suspended Sentence Given to Notre Dame Receiver in a DUI Case

Michael Floyd, a Notre Dame wide receiver was given a suspended sentence and probation for a year for driving under the influence of alcohol. The plea in Indiana included installing an ignition lock device for six months after 90 day suspension of his driver's license. The Colorado law against DUI may preclude a deal such as this but if a person in Colorado wants to reduce the penalty for their DUI charge they must hire a Colorado criminal defens... Read More

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