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Attorney Kevin T. Ellmann’s Opinion On Use Of UBER Service Leading To Decrease In DUI Deaths In Colorado

Attorney Kevin T. Ellmann comments on an article in about a research claiming the UBER services lead to decrease in DUI deaths. If even one life is saved due to someone taking a taxi or a service like Uber, it is a great night.  The kiosk mentioned in the article with a breathalyzer should not just be a gimmick, it should be something that all bars contribute funds to install to limit their “dram shop” liability for... Read More

Denver Marijuana DUI Laws Debated

Lawmakers are mulling over a Denver marijuana DUI statutes might require some revisions. Our Denver marijuana DUI defense attorneys are not in favor of any measure that impedes on the right of patients to use marijuana for medical ailments. According to The Associated Press, a bill is being debated that would render someone impaired if they test positive for more than 5 nanograms of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. A nanogram is ... Read More

Ignition Locks Could Be Mandated by the Federal Government for DUI Offenders

Colorado, along with Texas, has led the pack in the number of ignition interlock devices installed for DUI offenders. Texas has over 33,000 devices in use, while Colorado has 17,000 in use. If the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act passes, the federal government may mandate the use for all DUI offenders. Tucked into this bill is a portion that would make installing ignition interlock devices on the vehicles of all people convicted of ... Read More

Douglas County Deputy Arrested for DUI After Causing Pile-Up on I-25

The New Year isn't off to a good start for a Douglas County Sherriff's Office Deputy, who was arrested for a DUI just before lunch on January 1st. The deputy has been a member of the Special Operations Response Team, which responds to disturbances at the local jail. This was no small incident either. The Denver Post reported that the off-duty deputy braked abruptly in his Ford Escape on northbound Interstate 25. The quick stop caused two vehic... Read More

Researchers Claim Accident Rates Lower in States with Legalized Medical Marijuana

Many news stories and opinion pieces have been circulating the newspapers and Internet, discussing driving while under the influence of medical marijuana in Colorado. The sheer number of articles available on this topic would make you think that medical marijuana is causing an alarming number of accidents on our roadways. You might be surprised to find out that the opposite might possibly be true. Recently, two Montana State University profess... Read More

Medical Marijuana and DUI Law

Research has shown that patients that have prescriptions for medical marijuana are considered "chronic" users and thus have a higher tolerance level than those that use the drug recreationally. This may not seem like a big deal, but it could have some serious repercussions in January if the Colorado legislature sets the law that limits the amount of TCH nanograms that drivers can have in their systems to be considered driving under the influence.... Read More

Not All DUI Cases Are Cut and Dry

It seems simple enough. You drink, you get behind the wheel of a car, you get pulled over, you take a field sobriety test and you get charged with a DUI. It happens every day in Colorado, but even more so during the holidays. What you might not realize, is that the reports police officers write may contain inaccuracies. Such was the case with eight DUI cases that were recently dismissed after internal investigations prompted the dismissals ear... Read More

Talk about Bad Luck! Longview Man Plows Police

Sometimes you hear about an alleged drunk driving accident wherein nobody got hurt, that just reeks of bad luck to the point where even though you know the poor guy on the receiving end was entirely in the wrong, you can't help but feel just a little bad for him.  Even a Denver DUI attorney has to get a chuckle out of such stories.  In fact, just such a thing happened on November 8 outside of a Longview, CO, bar. A man had allegedly been evi... Read More

Judge Permits Challenged Evidence in Fatal DUI Case

A judge in the trial of Pittsburgh-area native Christa Logue recently suppressed a motion to deny statements made during a police interview as evidence against the woman. Judges all over the country are cracking down on drunk driving cases, and whether you live in Pittsburgh, New York, or Castle Rock, DUI laws are nothing to sneeze at. If the case were under Colorado DUI law jurisdiction, whether a Castle Rock DUI attorney would've gotten the evi... Read More

Charlottesville Businessman Sentenced in DUI Manslaughter Case

What makes drinking and driving a dangerous combination is the fact that you're not completely aware of your actions until you sober up and learn that your actions injured or killed someone. At that point you can't undo what's already been done, and all the apologies in the world will never be enough for the persons your actions harmed. A businessman in Charlottesville, Virginia stood in a courtroom and expressed sincere remorse for driving drunk... Read More

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