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Traffic Charges In Colorado Best Handled By Defense Attorney

A woman will face misdemeanor careless driving charges for a double-fatal wreck in a suburb of Boulder, in which a man and his daughter were killed and another girl was seriously injured. Our Castle Rock criminal defense lawyers know that situations like this are tragic, and there is no joy even in a court victory because the person accused of being at-fault is going to live for the rest of her life with the awful images of what happened that ... Read More

Aurora Red Light Running With Injury Can Result in Severe Penalties

An Aurora red-light runner reportedly caused the serious injury of a motorcyclist late last month. Our Castle RockĀ Aurora traffic ticket defense attorneys understand that the 20-year-old driver in the case was deemed at-fault, and charges of red-light running and careless driving resulting in injury are pending against her. Of course, no one ever intends to walk out their door and get in an accident. Sometimes, car accidents result from va... Read More

Denver Careless Driving Charge Could Lead to 1 Year in Jail

An individual who reportedly killed two pedestrians is facing charges of careless driving resulting in death in Thornton, just outside of Denver. Our Denver traffic defense attorneys understand that in this situation, as in so many, the individual behind the wheel had no ill intent. According to authorities, there is no evidence alcohol or drugs were even involved. The Denver Post reports that two Brighton individuals, ages 33 and 22, wer... Read More

Validity of Castle Rock Marijuana DUI Debated

The issue of marijuana DUI in Castle Rock has been raising a number of questions among those in the legal community, here and across the country. Our Castle Rock marijuana DUI attorneys know that while it is illegal to drive while intoxicated on any substance, the issue of how that is measured has created a very gray area in terms of the law. This is illustrated in one case that was highlighted in a recent article by The Associated Press.... Read More

Charlottesville Businessman Sentenced in DUI Manslaughter Case

What makes drinking and driving a dangerous combination is the fact that you're not completely aware of your actions until you sober up and learn that your actions injured or killed someone. At that point you can't undo what's already been done, and all the apologies in the world will never be enough for the persons your actions harmed. A businessman in Charlottesville, Virginia stood in a courtroom and expressed sincere remorse for driving drunk... Read More

Florida Man Charged With DUI Manslaughter

DUI and manslaughter charges often results in jail time for the offender. Each offense is a serious crime with equally serious consequences, although the penalties for DUI are significantly less harsh than those for manslaughter. Driving after consuming alcohol is never a wise move, even if you've only had a few drinks. A few drinks may be all it takes to impair your judgment and ability to safely drive. One such driver in Orange City, Florida... Read More

Man Gets 15-Years for DUI Manslaughter

When you drink and drive, you risk your life and that of other motorists on the road. If someone is injured or killed as a result of your actions, it affects more than your civilian status. A family is left to suffer through the injury or grieve the loss of a loved one. The victim will have to deal with the trauma and memory of the accident for awhile, if not the rest of his or her life. A 41-year-old man in Pinellas County, Florida will spend... Read More

Man Get 10 Years for DUI Manslaughter

Driving under the influence (DUI) is illegal in all 50 states. DUI charges can mean heavy fines, jail time, loss of driving privileges and higher auto insurance premiums. Manslaughter is a felony in all 50 states, with stiffer fines and much longer jail sentences. Charges of both DUI and manslaughter is pretty much an automatic prison sentence, the length of which is determined by how well your criminal defense attorney does his job. A West Palm ... Read More

Blind Woman Charged With Reckless Driving

According to the National Federation of the Blind, a person is legally blind when they have 20/200 vision or less in the better eye with corrective lens. It is against the law to drive while legally blind, and a person who has been determined legally blind is denied a driver's license or may lose his license once diagnosed. A legally blind woman in Charlotte, North Carolina was recently arrested for reckless driving, according to FOX Charlotte... Read More

Woman Charged With Vehicular Homicide

Texting and driving do not mix. Driving requires keeping your eyes on the road and both hands on the steering wheel. You can't watch the road and handle the steering wheel when you text. A 19-year-old woman in Browersville, Michigan recently learned this lesson the hard way and now faces a year in jail. The Fergus Falls Journal recently reported that the suspect plead guilty to criminal vehicular homicideĀ  and misdemeanor reckless driving for... Read More

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