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Colorado Drug and Gun Crime Convictions Carry Stiff Penalties

Castle Rock drug defense lawyers know that when it comes to these cases, absent solid evidence of innocence, it's often best to aggressively negotiate a favorable plea deal that will include a focus on treatment, rather than prison. Not only does this aid the defendant in Castle Rock drug crime cases, society as a whole benefits when people battling the demons of addiction are given the opportunity to change their lives for the better. They ... Read More

Substance Abuse Leads to Felony Charges in Damage of $30M Painting

There are just some cases that Castle Rock felony defense lawyers have no doubt involves some issue of mental illness, substance abuse - or both. While mental illness is not accepted in our society the same way as say, cancer, we are slowly coming around and our judicial system is beginning to reflect that. Such was the case for a woman accused of felony criminal mischief after damaging a $30 million painting at a brand new museum in Denver... Read More

Drug Crime Defense: Keeping it in the Family

Castle Rock drug crimes have been known in some cases to involve family members. Felony defense attorneys assume the idea is that you need people around you that you can trust. But when it falls apart, entire families can be destroyed. That appears to be the case by two large drug trafficking rings that were recently brought down by federal agents in Denver. One was run by a brother, the other by his sister, and prosecutors say the operat... Read More

Bath Salts Behind Growing Number of Castle Rock Crimes

Castle Rock criminal defense attorneys have noticed a marked increase in the number of cases involving so-called "bath salts." Contrary to the moniker, it's not the fizzy stuff you toss in the tub. We're talking about a group of synthetic compounds create symptoms similar to cocaine, PCP and LSD, but with higher-than-usual levels of paranoia and violence. Following a federal emergency ban issued by the Drug Enforcement Administration last... Read More

Castle Rock Marijuana DUI Bill Defeated

It's rare that our Castle Rock criminal defense attorneys have great news to share. There is, however, very good news for those who may be arrested for Castle Rock marijuana DUI. According to The Denver Post, a bill that would have created legal limits on marijuana intoxication while driving has been defeated by the state Senate. We reported on this issue recently in our Castle Rock Criminal Defense Lawyers Blog. Essentially, the main is... Read More

Drug Trafficking Defense Requires Skilled Team

Castle Rock drug crime attorneys know that trafficking charges require a skilled an experienced defense team. Rather than your average Castle Rock drug crime defense, these cases can be complex, involving intelligent operations spear-headed by networks of individuals who operate underground. Law enforcement at all levels expend a great deal of resources in trying to penetrate these networks and make arrests. It makes them look good. The pen... Read More

Drug Crime Penalties Could Lower With Senate Bill

There is a possibility that penalties for Castle Rock drug crime convictions could drop significantly if Senate Bill 163 is passed. Our Castle Rock drug crime attorneys applaud any measure that includes allowing drug offenders to get treatment, rather than face harsh prison sentences. Essentially, the law would decrease the punishment for possession of 4 grams or less of certain types of drugs from a Class 6 felony to a Class 1 misdemeano... Read More

Drug Crimes Net Harsh Sentences

A former Colorado sheriff has pleaded guilty to allegations that he traded drugs for sex. Our Castle Rock defense attorneys know that no one is immune to the ravages of addiction, regardless of socio-economic status, education or career. Those addictions are often at the root of many crimes. Rather than stiff jail sentences, often what our clients need is help to overcome their substance abuse issues. We fight aggressively to limit jail senten... Read More

Validity of Castle Rock Marijuana DUI Debated

The issue of marijuana DUI in Castle Rock has been raising a number of questions among those in the legal community, here and across the country. Our Castle Rock marijuana DUI attorneys know that while it is illegal to drive while intoxicated on any substance, the issue of how that is measured has created a very gray area in terms of the law. This is illustrated in one case that was highlighted in a recent article by The Associated Press.... Read More

Denver Marijuana DUI Laws Debated

Lawmakers are mulling over a Denver marijuana DUI statutes might require some revisions. Our Denver marijuana DUI defense attorneys are not in favor of any measure that impedes on the right of patients to use marijuana for medical ailments. According to The Associated Press, a bill is being debated that would render someone impaired if they test positive for more than 5 nanograms of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. A nanogram is ... Read More

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