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Denver Police Crack Down on Marijuana Growers

This past week had Denver police officers kept busy with an operation referred to as "Operation Sweet Leaf" that has sixteen people charged with racketeering, marijuana distribution and money laundering. Police swept the city and raided dozen of homes across the metro Denver area thought to be part of a large marijuana growing operation. The homes were found in Adams County, Weld County, Broomfield, Erie, Breckenridge and Denver. Multiple ag... Read More

Medical Marijuana and DUI Law

Research has shown that patients that have prescriptions for medical marijuana are considered "chronic" users and thus have a higher tolerance level than those that use the drug recreationally. This may not seem like a big deal, but it could have some serious repercussions in January if the Colorado legislature sets the law that limits the amount of TCH nanograms that drivers can have in their systems to be considered driving under the influence.... Read More

Woman to Stand Trial for Killing Baby With Breast Milk

A judge recently ruled that there was enough evidence for a 26-year-old woman to stand trial on charges of child endangerment and involuntary manslaughter in the death of her son, as reported in a recent Times-Standard report. The woman is accused of killing her six-week-old son with methamphetamine-laced breast milk as a result of using the drug while breastfeeding. She faces nine years in jail if convicted. The woman was arrested while in po... Read More

Medical Marijuana Backers Up in Arms over New Federal Memo

The Federal government has been supporting medical marijuana, but a new memo has the proponents of medical marijuana angry. The memo by Deputy Attorney General James Cole says the federal government may prosecute large scale growers of marijuana, even if they are in compliance with local laws. This would seem to contradict other publications by the administration on the subject. With Colorado implementing strong measures that also have been criti... Read More

Drug Trafficking Charges Have Far Reach

A Florida man was recently arrested on charges of drug trafficking following making a large purchase of prescription medication from an undercover officer.  The initial contact was made through a man in Colorado who enlisted the help of his friend in Florida to make the purchase in order to ship the drugs across the country.  According to information gathered during the investigation the Colorado man has been purchasing prescription drugs from ... Read More

Colorado Doctor Escapes Prosecution

A Colorado doctor accused of unnecessarily prescribing medicinal marijuana to an undercover police officer was officially cleared of the very serious charges of forgery and distribution of marijuana.  The undercover police officer complained of back pain, which isn't necessarily a qualifying condition of receiving a prescription for medicinal marijuana.  At no point did the patient complain of severe pain, which would have been a qualifying con... Read More

Drug Trafficking: Colorado’s Most Dangerous Drug Trend

Colorado is a favorite vacation spot for many people, one main attraction being its beautiful snowy mountains. Unfortunately, its proximity to eight interstate highways makes it a favorite point of contact for drug traffickers. Drug trafficking, particularly involving ice methamphetamine, has become Colorado's most dangerous drug trend. Drug trafficking is the act of transporting large amounts of illegal drugs for the purpose of illegally sell... Read More

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