The Federal government has been supporting medical marijuana, but a new memo has the proponents of medical marijuana angry. The memo by Deputy Attorney General James Cole says the federal government may prosecute large scale growers of marijuana, even if they are in compliance with local laws. This would seem to contradict other publications by the administration on the subject. With Colorado implementing strong measures that also have been criticized by the medical marijuana lobby, the larger question in Colorado is which law could I be violating, Federal or state? At this point it’s anybody’s guess and in this climate the chance for being charged, while innocent, seems to be growing a lot faster than any marijuana plant can.

Anyone who is charged with a federal or state violation of these laws can only do one thing; call in a Colorado criminal defense attorney to handle the case. These confusing stances by both jurisdictions can give an experienced attorney some advantages in making a case for your innocence. This confusion, however, won’t make it any easier for someone to represent themselves, it will make it harder. An accused cannot declare ignorance of the law because it’s too confusing. All arguments must be made by an attorney on your behalf.

Drug trafficking charges are serious and the advent of medical marijuana is not making these laws any less so. You will need an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney handling any and all charges in today’s confusing climate more than ever. Your attorney will know how to turn these ambiguities in your favor. They also have the methods they have used in the past to discredit the charges against you. Pointing out any mistakes made by arresting officers in areas like illegal search and seizure, improper issuing of search warrants and similar strategies are where their experience lies. There is no end to the number of ways your Colorado criminal defense attorney can go in attacking the case against you.

The chances of creating a reasonable doubt of your guilt can be enhanced by this current situation with somewhat conflicting laws. The best way to exploit this confusion is by hiring an inventive, experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney. That action on your part gives you the best opportunity to get the results you want.

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