Two suspects who were chased by a homeowner were taken into custody last week by the Weld county sheriff’s office after they were spotted trying to break into an out building in a Weld county neighborhood. A neighbor phoned the police and followed the men as they drove away. They are charged with suspicion of attempted burglary. The crime may not be the kind that leads to a news flash on television, but it is the type of charge that a Colorado criminal defense attorney can help the suspects with.

A Colorado criminal defense attorney should always be consulted with as soon as possible after an arrest. They will be the best friend someone in this situation can have. A knowledgeable attorney can arrange for suitable bail and be your representative to the court when proceedings like arraignment are conducted. They will be there to give you detailed information about your rights and what it is the state is trying to do to make the arrest stick.

There may be mistakes made by the arresting officers. In the case of the two burglary suspects the reliability of the eyewitness may be in question. Your Colorado criminal defense attorney may question why that individual was present. An attorney will also question police behavior in a car chase too. What was the description of the cat they were supposed to stop? It may be a case of a similar colored car led to an erroneous arrest.

Many questions will be asked by your Colorado criminal defense attorney. It is the reliability of the answers that they will try to attack and use any discrepancies between those answers and the arresting reports to have the charge reduced or dismissed. If you have been arrested and need the best advice available there is only one reliable answer. A Colorado criminal defense attorney must be contacted.

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