The former star of “Two and a Half Men” is certainly not lacking in news stories this year. His losing the job on the popular TV show has had another effect that has come to light. A judge has ordered that child support payments due his second wife for their twins must be withheld by the producers of the show, when they decide how to pay his contract off. The lack of income may not be hurting Sheen or maybe. The judge simply wants him to comply with the agreement. No excuses.

The state of Colorado is just like California in this regard. Delinquency in child support will not be tolerated and if there is any problem with your ex spouse and child support you should seek counsel with a Colorado family law attorney. Your agreement will be looked at and any straying from that agreement will be handled in the courts by your attorney. Child support that is agreed upon must be paid. Garnishing of wages is one strategy, but some times this can be impossible if the delinquent spouse is not working or working “under the table”.

The ways you can get around dodges such as this will be discussed with your Colorado family law attorney. There are certainly precedents in the state and country that your attorney is familiar with and using them to get you justice is what they do best. The only plan of action is to meet with this expert as soon as possible. Procrastination or allowing this person to go on without facing up to their responsibilities should not be your approach.

You need the Colorado family law attorney to make the best of the situation. Many such cases are handled in the courts by these attorneys every day. You are not alone. The help and experience of a Colorado family law attorney will help you get the money necessary for you children’s quality of life. There are always mitigating circumstances. These can be dealt with, but only by someone who has the knowledge of a Colorado family attorney. Meeting with one will be your best action to take.