Michael Floyd, a Notre Dame wide receiver was given a suspended sentence and probation for a year for driving under the influence of alcohol. The plea in Indiana included installing an ignition lock device for six months after 90 day suspension of his driver’s license. The Colorado law against DUI may preclude a deal such as this but if a person in Colorado wants to reduce the penalty for their DUI charge they must hire a Colorado criminal defense attorney.

This must be done quickly as efforts to reduce any penalties must begin immediately. For instance, a first time offender may take an alcohol treatment program in lieu of the jail sentence. The Colorado criminal defense attorney has made arrangements like this for clients in the past and they can do that for you. There are many ways to attack the state’s case against you and your attorney will be doing just that. They will check the status of the breathalyzer used. If blood was taken, its storage or labeling may have been handled incorrectly. People make mistakes and the Colorado criminal defense attorney’s experience tells him what the most common mistakes are. Your attorney knows how to the use these mistakes to discredit the case against you.

The prosecutor may be induced to offer a deal to lessen the punishment, if you agree to certain conditions. Your Colorado criminal defense attorney will advise you as to the chances you may have at a full acquittal. If his experience tells him the deal should be accepted he will give you all the reasons he believes that this is the best road to take. They are there to serve you to the best of their ability and this includes giving you the cold, hard facts that will lead to the best decision. Anyone that is charged with a DUI will need the help of a Colorado criminal defense attorney, if they are to lessen the impact of this charge on their life.

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