There has been a stabbing in east Greeley that may or may not be gang related. The Greeley Tribune reports that the July 3rd Sunday stabbing of the youngster led to the finding of the getaway car, but little else. A policeman interviewed by the paper broached the possibility that it may be gang related. This kind of speculation may be based on the officer’s experience, but sometimes speculation can lead investigators to seek the wrong individuals and possibly charge them with a crime they did not commit.

If they do arrest someone in this incident, the person or persons charged must retain an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney. Assault with a weapon is a serious charge and the accused will need all the help they can get. That help should come from a knowledgeable Colorado criminal defense attorney. In the crime above there seems to be no other witness except the injured man. The recollection of a stabbed person would be questioned by an attorney.

The need for this person to get revenge may influence his actions when presented with a possible lineup of suspects. The Colorado criminal defense attorney is aware of the prejudices an assault victim may bring to the identification process. Anyone in this situation will want someone to pay. This can lead to an innocent person being recognized as the perpetrator. Depending on the facts the attorney can question the reliability of any description the victim supplied to the police, or any identification he makes in a courtroom.

There are many other possible tactics an attorney can use to have the charge dropped or reduced. Discrediting the eyewitness account of an injured party is only one of them. A person accused of assault in the state of Colorado needs to have a criminal defense attorney on his side to make sure there is no miscarriage of justice.

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