Police have arrested two men and are looking for one, possibly two more in a theft of scrap metal and a manure spreader. Evidence found at the scene lead to the arrests. The men were questioned and denied involvement but changed their story after interrogation. These men may have made a mistake believing talking to the police was a good idea because there is no mention of a lawyer being present. The news story may have omitted that information, but no matter what the size or value of what you are charged with stealing, you should call a Colorado criminal defense attorney before admitting anything to the police.

Your attorney could review the evidence and decide whether there was not enough to link you to the crime. The state must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. An average person can’t look at the evidence involved and decide if it’s ironclad or not. There may be a chance that the way the evidence against you was found or gathered could have made it inadmissible. The professional knowledge of a Colorado criminal defense attorney is used to fight for you every step of the way. From the time of arrest, through pretrial motions and the trial itself, the Colorado criminal defense attorney will be working hard for your release.

Many other ideas for combating the case against you besides those mentioned are what an attorney can do for you. It is hard for you to be objective about your situation.

The case above saw the men caught confronted with evidence that looked impossible to beat so they admitted their guilt. These decisions have got to be left to the Colorado criminal defense attorney. It is their position to make sure you choose wisely. In all cases you need a Colorado criminal defense attorney.

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