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Castle Rock Child Custody Disputes Can Be Contentious

There is no doubt that child custody cases can be emotionally wrenching and, at times, extremely frustrating. But it's always better to choose an experienced Castle Rock family law attorney, and then let him or her be your intermediary and advocate. Otherwise, you risk potentially damaging your case or worse, like one Colorado man, landing in jail. According to Fox21 News, an El Paso County man was arrested after assaulting and strangling... Read More

Pay Child Support or Lose Your Licenses

Parents in Laurel County, Kentucky who drag their feet paying child support may soon have a reason to be more proactive. A recent Times-Tribune story reported that revocation or suspension of professional licenses belonging to parents who are behind in child support is part of the state's County Attorney's plan to collect delinquent child support. Under his plan, delinquent parents could lose their hunting, commercial driver's, medical, legal and... Read More

Charlie Sheen in the News Again, This Time for Child Support

The former star of “Two and a Half Men” is certainly not lacking in news stories this year. His losing the job on the popular TV show has had another effect that has come to light. A judge has ordered that child support payments due his second wife for their twins must be withheld by the producers of the show, when they decide how to pay his contract off. The lack of income may not be hurting Sheen or maybe. The judge simply wants him to comp... Read More

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