A Florida man was recently arrested on charges of drug trafficking following making a large purchase of prescription medication from an undercover officer.  The initial contact was made through a man in Colorado who enlisted the help of his friend in Florida to make the purchase in order to ship the drugs across the country.  According to information gathered during the investigation the Colorado man has been purchasing prescription drugs from Florida residents and having them shipped to him for sale in Colorado and Nevada for the past decade and a half.

For his part in the crime the young man from Brevard County Florida who made the purchase could spend an extended time behind bars as a result of his actions.  The Colorado man has yet to be arrested but could face drug trafficking and intent to distribute, among other, charges should an arrest be made.

Any charges involving large quantities of prescription drugs or controlled substances can have very serious consequences.  If you are facing any type of drug charge in the state of Colorado, from simple possession to cultivation, you need to hire an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney immediately.

An experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney, who has extensive experience in defending clients against drug charges, will be familiar with what strategies of defense are the most suitable for different situations.  By enlisting the help of an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney you can be sure that you’ll have the most effective defense strategy for your hearing.

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