A Colorado doctor accused of unnecessarily prescribing medicinal marijuana to an undercover police officer was officially cleared of the very serious charges of forgery and distribution of marijuana.  The undercover police officer complained of back pain, which isn’t necessarily a qualifying condition of receiving a prescription for medicinal marijuana.  At no point did the patient complain of severe pain, which would have been a qualifying condition for the recommendation.

The fact that we’ve got undercover officers posing as patients in an attempt to catch doctors who are authorized to prescribe medicinal marijuana in unlawful actions should send a clear message about the serious stand Colorado takes against the illegal sale of drugs.   Despite the fact that marijuana is legal in Colorado for medicinal purposes there are still some very serious repercussion for those caught and convicted of distribution for other than viable medical reasons.

If you are facing marijuana possession, cultivation or distribution charges in the state of Colorado you need the help of an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney.  Just because you’ve been accused of a crime involving marijuana it doesn’t necessarily mean that a conviction on drug charges is imminent.  An experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney will be able to evaluate your unique situation to determine the defense strategies that may be available to you.  By using a deep seeded knowledge of the law your Colorado criminal defense attorney will be able to advise you on the best approach to having your charges reduced or dismissed and work to ensure that your rights are upheld throughout the course of your trial.

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