You and your spouse may have a very clear understanding of why your relationship no longer works and have every desire to dissolve the bad marriage as quickly as possible in order to move on.  Unfortunately things like division of assets can create uncomfortable situations and result in disagreements or even full fledged fights, which is never a good thing especially if children are involved.  It may be difficult to resist the urge to lash out when you feel as though your soon to be ex spouse is being unfair or acting unreasonably when it comes to certain terms in your divorce, but creating as calm and peaceful an atmosphere as possible is essential in order to protect your children during this very difficult and stressful time.

In order to facilitate open and friendly communication and to quickly resolve potential issues that may arise during a divorce it helps to enlist the services of an experienced Colorado divorce attorney.  An experienced Colorado divorce attorney will help walk you through the most difficult situations of a divorce like division of assets, alimony, custody and visitation in a manner that minimizes the possibility of issues and truly considers the best interest of all parties involved, particularly the children.

A qualified Colorado divorce attorney can eliminate much of the stress associated with the divorce proceedings through a deep understanding of Colorado divorce law.  Your attorney will strive to make this very difficult process much easier by advising you on the most appropriate actions for achieving results that will benefit everyone involved.