Marriage is very serious commitment that no one should enter into lightly, but despite that fact the marriage success rate in Colorado and around the country continues to be relatively low for a wide variety of reasons. Some who enter into a union prior to realizing that it might not be the best idea would rather seek out an annulment rather than dealing with the stigmata associated with having been divorced.

While having a marriage annulled might seem to be a faster and easier way out of a marriage that simply isn’t working there are a number of strict rules governing annulment that may or may not make it a possibility in your particular situation. If your relationship fails to meet the specifications required for eligibility of annulment or your fail to file within the preset deadlines you may be required to dissolve your union through divorce.

If you have questions about your eligibility for an annulment or divorce you should consult with an experienced Colorado divorce attorney. A good Colorado divorce attorney will be able to asses the specific details or your relationship and present you with the most viable options for legally dissolving it based upon a number of factors.

If you meet any of the requirements of eligibility for filing for a Colorado marriage annulment your Colorado divorce attorney will help to deftly guide you through the complex and confusing process. Enlisting the help of an experienced Colorado divorce attorney is essential for navigating difficult legal issues pertaining to the dissolution of a marriage.

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