A man that robbed the Colorado JC Penny store at gunpoint a few weeks ago would be very easy to pick out of a line up or to find in a crowd according to descriptions released by Colorado Springs police officers.  According to reports the man had red hair, a red goatee and plenty of tattoos, including a large tattoo on his neck containing a profane word – in other words, this suspect wouldn’t be very likely to fare well in court with a defense of mistaken identity.

Robbery charges in Colorado have some very serious consequences but when you add a gun to the equation the consequences instantly become much worse.  A Colorado armed robbery conviction can carry fines of up to $250,000 and a possible prison term of up to forty years depending upon the exact details of the crime.  Depending upon your age at the time of the alleged crime a maximum sentence could easily result in you spending the rest of your life behind bars.

If you are facing robbery, armed robbery or other violent crime charges in Colorado you need to hire an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney.  An experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney will provide a detailed explanation of the charges against you and the possible penalties you could face and help you to determine the most appropriate course of action to follow for your defense.  Your Colorado criminal defense attorney will work to ensure that your violent crimes charges don’t have as much of a negative impact as they could on your life without the proper defense strategy.

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