A single gunshot fired from a vehicle in the parking lot of Hill Park Apartments resulted in the arrest of two men who could face a battery of charges as a result of the incident.  Upon the stop police officers discovered cocaine and a semi automatic handgun and also recovered another semi automatic handgun which had been thrown by the driver from the moving vehicle upon leaving the scene.

Police are still in the process of investigating the situation but the suspects can expect to face drug possession charges, firearm possession charges as well as a host of potential violent crimes charges in relation to the shooting.  Each of these charges could individually result in mandatory jail time, very large fines and probation and when combined the possible penalties are most certainly increased.

Drug possession and violent crimes are two things that law enforcement officials and prosecutors take very seriously and the penalties associated with convictions of these crimes in Colorado are among the most severe in the country.  If you find yourself facing drug or violent crimes charges hiring an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney is an absolute necessity if you hope to avoid suffering the maximum penalties associated with your charges.  An experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney will have the knowledge necessary to combat the most compelling evidence with a masterfully structured defense in an effort to get the charges against you reduced or possibly even dismissed.

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