Attempting to use an improvised explosive to destroy property and attempting to use an improvised explosive in relation to a violent crime are the charges the sixty five year old defendant will face when his trial begins later this summer.  The offenses carry a minimum sentence of thirty five years in prison and a maximum of a life sentence but at sixty fives years old the thirty five year minimum could certainly serve as a life term as well.

The possible penalties that the defendant will face if the prosecution can secure a conviction are a testament as to the seriousness of a violent crime committed in the state of Colorado.  If you are convicted on charges of a violent crime, especially if a deadly weapon or device is used during the incident you will certainly face some very serious jail time.

If a conviction is imminent the only real chance that this suspect will have of seeing the light of day outside of prison again is being able to strike a plea bargain with the prosecution though this suspects criminal history doesn’t necessarily bode well for leniency by the prosecution or the court system.

If you are facing charges of a violent crime in Colorado you need to consult with an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney immediately.  A Colorado criminal defense attorney will know exactly how to proceed on your behalf in order to secure the best possible verdict from a trial concerning violent crime charges.

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