Several shots were fired a little over a week ago in Colorado Springs but with very little in the way of solid leads and conflicting information from witnesses police are still struggling to track down the shooter or shooters.  Two different varieties of shell casings were recovered from the scene but law enforcement officials don’t seem to have much else to go on.

No one was struck by the gunfire but these suspects, if caught, will face some very serious charges and the possibility of some very severe consequences.  Colorado lawmakers have taken a very tough stand when it comes to violent crimes and have instituted penalties that would most certainly make violent criminals think twice about committing a violent crime again.  Despite the fact that there were no injuries as a result of this incident the suspects could face the possibility of decades behind bars if convicted.

Anyone who is accused of committing a violent crime with a deadly weapon would be well advised to enlist the help of an experienced and qualified Colorado criminal defense attorney.  The violent crime laws in Colorado are complex and have details that make them difficult to comprehend.  This fact alone makes attempting to defend yourself against violent crime or weapons charges a bad idea.

An experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney will work to establish the most plausible defense for your particular situation.  Having an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney with you before and during your trial is the only way you can hope to achieve a fair trial and favorable verdict in a case involving a violent crime.

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